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Medical device innovation & ideas

Welcome to Medtronic EUreka, the European Idea Submission Portal from Medtronic. Medical device ideas from European inventors have already improved the lives of millions of patients worldwide through collaboration with Medtronic.

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Protecting your idea

Your intellectual property rights are precious and you need to make sure you have everything in place to protect those rights before you start discussing your idea with anyone. Here, we talk to the UK Intellectual Property Office to clarify the importance of doing things by the book during the innovation process

2011-11-15 | Posted by Medtronic
Tags: intellectual property; IP; medical device innovation; patents; Intellectual Property Office; IP rights; patent infringement; patent protection; monopoly; medical patents

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Finding a better way

Sometimes itís frustration over the way a medical device performs that is the inspiration for something new. We talk to a young doctor who has been through the process of identifying a problem and solving it through innovation

2011-10-20 | Posted by Medtronic
Tags: medial device; innovation; lumbar punctures; prototypes; perserverance; Vincent Giele; Dr Kate Mandeville; invention process

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Innovating for the wider world

From reverse innovation to mHealth, emerging markets are becoming adept at tailoring products and procedures to the needs of their growing populations and meeting the challenges of healthcare provision in the developing world is one of the richest seams to mine for innovation ideas

2011-10-18 | Posted by Medtronic
Tags: reverse innovation; mini-pacemaker; medical device innovation; pacemaker; pacing; medical engineering; frugal innovation; pill-sized pacemaker; Stephen Oesterle; remote monitoring; mHealth

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How to start the innovation process

How do you know when you (and your idea) are ready for the big time? Here are a few tips to show you the way, or remind you if you're already en route.

2011-08-17 | Posted by Medtronic
Tags: invention; inventor; innovation; idea; innovation journey; potential market; health innovation; medical innovation; medical device innovation

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How do I fund my innovation?

You have an idea and have made a prototype, how do you get the money to take your idea to the next stage?

2011-08-16 | Posted by Medtronic
Tags: inventions; innovation; medical devices; investors; slow hunch; potential market; venture capitalists; technical innovators; medical innovation; medical devices innovation; health innovation

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How do I turn my idea into an invention?

Anyone can have an idea; the key to converting an idea to an invention is to clearly define the idea such that the idea can be evaluated, enhanced, potentially marketed and used. Here are some suggested steps to help you convert your idea into an invention.

2011-08-16 | Posted by Medtronic
Tags: inventor; invention; idea; innovation; prototypes; innovation partner; innovation journey; protect your idea; medical innovation; medical devices innovation; health innovation

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