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Frequently Asked

Below please find answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding Medtronic EUreka. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask us via the Contact Us page.

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What if I am interested in submitting my idea but I am not European-based?

At this stage, the Medtronic EUreka process is focused on sourcing new ideas from Europe. However, if you are based outside Europe, you can submit your idea through our global Innovate with Medtronic portal.

I am the inventor, but my institution's technology transfer office is typically the one dealing with companies. Can I still submit my idea?

This will depend on your status with respect to your company or institution, as your ideas may in fact belong to that company or institution. You should review your contract with that company or institution or any applicable regulation (in the case of an institution) to determine the status of your inventions. You should only submit information on the Medtronic EUreka portal if you are confident that you have the ownership of your ideas or if you obtained clearance from your company or institution.

What happens to the confidential submission if the final eventual decision is not to pursue my idea?

If you have signed a confidentiality agreement with Medtronic, we will keep your idea confidential as per the legal agreement terms and conditions. If you previously agreed that Medtronic could share your idea with the MD Start, we would at that point share only the non-confidential, submission with the MD Start, not the confidentially disclosed information. We will also inform you of our decision within approximately three months.

How long will it take for Medtronic to evaluate my submission?

We will review your submission with the appropriate groups and individuals within Medtronic and provide a decision regarding our interest in your invention within three months, or sooner.

What if Medtronic decides not to pursue my idea?

We will notify you of the decision on your idea within approximately three months. If you have agreed to allow us to share your submission with MD Start (by checking “yes” to the question on the Submit My Idea form that we may share your idea with MD Start), we will inform you of our decision, and also let you know that the non-confidential parts of your Medtronic EUreka submission have been shared with MD Start. It will then be up to representatives from the MD Start to follow up with you if more information is needed, and to inform you of their interest in your idea.

If you select the option that Medtronic may not share your idea with MD Start, you will simply be notified of our decision not to explore your idea further and the next steps are up to you. Medtronic agrees to maintain your personal privacy, in accordance with our Privacy Policy regardless of our decision.

Is the Medtronic EUreka portal related to the EUREKA pan-European network for market-oriented, industrial R&D?

While the names sound similar, no, the Medtronic EUreka portal has no connection with