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The Medtronic EUreka idea evaluation process: How it works

What kinds of ideas we are looking for

  • As a medical device company, Medtronic is generally focused on device-based products, drug-device and information technology-device combinations.
  • Through our portfolio of existing businesses, as well as through our corporate Science & Technology and Ventures group, we have the research, engineering, and commercial competencies to bring promising new concepts to market.
  • On the Medtronic EUreka Submit Your Idea page, we ask you to provide your contact details as well as some information about the type of idea you have, at what stage of development or maturity it is, as well as to which therapy areas it is suited. This helps us to better evaluate your submission. If you choose, you can also submit confidential ideas, in which case you will be asked to provide additional information.

How we evaluate Medtronic EUreka idea submissions

To enable Medtronic to promptly review your idea, please follow the steps described below.

Step 1: Idea Generation

Completely document your idea with sketches, illustrations, narratives, explanations, any analysis that precisely and accurately describes your idea, and how it is structured and works.

Step 2: Your Own Assessment

Assess the potential interest of Medtronic in your idea by answering the following questions.

Q1: Is it more than an idea?

We receive many ideas that are just a concept for a new product feature, with no suggestion of how to provide that feature. Usually patents can only be obtained for methods, process and/or structure which define the feature, not for the concept of the feature itself. While bare ideas can be useful to us, they usually are just a starting point for future work to develop commercial products and may not be a basis on which Medtronic will pay compensation. One way to test this is to ask yourself whether the idea can be converted into a working prototype. If not, is the idea sufficiently well-defined that a knowledgeable person can understand and describe what would be needed to make a prototype (often the case with software or simple mechanical ideas)? Or would substantial additional development or experimentation be needed?

Q2: Is your idea new?

For example, a search of published patents, products, and literature (“prior art”) has not uncovered a similar idea, or a knowledgeable person believes your idea is new.

If the answer to those two questions is yes, then the idea may be of interest to Medtronic.

Step 3: Idea Submission

  • Medtronic prefers that an idea submission be prepared using Medtronic’s Idea Submission Agreement,. To ensure that both your rights and Medtronic’s terms and conditions of acceptance of your idea submission are clear, submissions normally will not be accepted unless accompanied by an electronically signed and dated copy of the Medtronic Idea Submission Agreement.
  • Submitted ideas fall into two categories: confidential and non-confidential. The Idea Submission Agreement has boxes for you to check to indicate whether your disclosure is confidential or non-confidential. Please submit each idea separately.
    • Confidential disclosures. If you indicate that your disclosure is confidential, Medtronic will hold your confidential information (as defined in the Idea Submission Agreement) in confidence for one (1) year from the date of submittal.
      Download an Example (PDF)
    • Non-confidential disclosures. If you indicate that the disclosure is non-confidential, Medtronic will make your disclosure more broadly available within Medtronic, increasing the potential audience for your idea. However, since Medtronic has no obligation to keep your idea confidential, Medtronic may freely use whatever information you disclose unless you separately obtain a patent. For this reason, you may want to limit the information you provide in a non-confidential disclosure.
      Download an Example (PDF)
  • MD Start.

MD Start is an independent medical device incubator in which Medtronic is one of several investors. You will need to decide whether you would like us to share your submission with MD Start, if after our review, Medtronic decides not to pursue your disclosure further. Please read more on Medtronic’s partnership with MD Start and the Medtronic EUreka program.

Please specify if you would like Medtronic to share your submission details with MD Start under the following terms and conditions: (click to expand)

  • You (“Discloser”) understand that clicking “YES” means that Discloser has given Medtronic, Inc. (“Medtronic”) complete and knowing consent to share information contained only in the non-confidential fields of your Disclosure with MD Start.
  • Discloser understands that MD Start may have terms and conditions which dictate MD Start’s handling of submissions. For more information about MD Start’s terms and conditions visit their website.
  • Discloser understands that if Medtronic decides not to pursue the Disclosure, any relationship that has been created between Medtronic and Discloser will be terminated upon Medtronic’s decision not to pursue the Disclosure.
  • Discloser understands that Medtronic is neither an agent of MD Start nor an agent of Discloser.
  • Discloser understands that once the Disclosure has been transmitted to MD Start, Discloser will be in a relationship directly and solely with MD Start, and that Medtronic will not be a party to any transactions or contracts.
  • Discloser understands that transmittal of the Disclosure to MD Start is exclusively based upon Discloser’s permission to transfer. No contractual or other liabilities are assumed by Medtronic. Discloser agrees to directly interact and enter into agreements with MD Start. Medtronic is not bound to exercise any oversight of MD Start, or to ensure that MD Start treats the disclosure with confidentiality, or to ensure that MD Start evaluates the Disclosure in a timely or in any particular manner.
  • Discloser agrees that Medtronic does not have any liability to Discloser regarding the decisions or actions of MD Start regarding the Disclosure.
  • Discloser agrees not to contact Medtronic regarding the Disclosure or any activities of MD Start after the transfer. All communication with MD Start shall be directed to the following contact:

Step 4: Medtronic Assessment

  • Medtronic strives to promptly and courteously respond to each idea submission. You should receive immediate confirmation of Medtronic’s receipt of your idea upon submission through the Medtronic EUreka system.
  • Similarly, as a guideline you should receive a notification regarding Medtronic’s decision in your idea within approximately three months after receipt.
  • Should Medtronic be interested in your idea, we will contact you or your legal representative to discuss arrangements to obtain legal rights to the idea.

Process Map for Idea Submission

Step 1
Online Idea
Submission through
Medtronic EUreka
by e-mail
Step 2
Internal Medtronic
Submission Assessment
Step 3
Medtronic Decision
to the Submitter)
by e-mail
If the idea is of
potential interest to
Medtronic, steps will
be taken with submitter
to determine actions
on the Submission
If not of interest to
Idea moves to MD
Start for evaluation
if Submitter agrees

  • As soon as you submit your idea through the Medtronic EUreka portal, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Once received, your submission will be shared with the appropriate therapy area leaders across Medtronic for evaluation. If more information is needed to proceed with your idea, we will contact you using the contact details you provide on the submission form.
    • If we are interested in persuing the development of your idea further, you will be contacted directly by the appropriate business within Medtronic for next steps.
    • If, after review, your idea cannot be pursued by Medtronic at this time, you will also be notified.

Our Partnership with MD Start

  • In the event that Medtronic can’t move forward internally with your idea today, if you agree, we can share your invention with our European incubator partner, MD Start. MD Start will independently review your submission and if it passes their screening process, they may have interest in collaborating with you.
  • If you allow us to share your idea with MD Start, we would share only the non-confidential fields (these are marked by a single star in the submission form). You will be notified if, and when, we forward your idea.
  • To allow us to share your idea with MD Start, click “Yes” on the Submit Your Idea page.